Health Finance Coalition Partners with the Global Fund to Mobilize Private Capital for Healthcare Investments in Africa


Geneva, Switzerland, November 29, 2021 – The Health Finance Coalition is announcing a new partnership agreement with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The aim of the collaboration is to mobilize private capital to accelerate the end of the three diseases and the achievement of SDG 3 in Africa, in a financially sustainable manner.

The Health Finance Coalition will collaborate with the Global Fund to identify and optimise the global health impact of a pipeline of investment opportunities across lab systems, supply chains and the delivery of care. The collaboration will also leverage the Global Fund’s catalytic and demand creation potential in order to reduce risk and enhance the growth potential of domestic African companies operating in the healthcare space. With concessional financing, these companies can expand their impact on health outcomes and pandemic preparedness across the continent.

“The urgency of the moment demands a smart new approach to health financing, and who better to show the way than our partners at the Global Fund,” said Martin Edlund, CEO of Malaria No More. “By bringing public and private resources into a true ‘capital stack,’ we can maximize impact for grant capital, reduce risk for investors, and extend health benefits for participating governments.”

“This partnership with the Health Finance Coalition represents an exciting new opportunity for the Global Fund to help leverage private capital to achieve public health goals across Africa,” said John Fairhurst, Head of Private Sector Engagement for the Global Fund. “Innovative partnerships like this one will be necessary to accelerate the end of the AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria epidemics.”

The Health Finance Coalition (HFC) brings together leading philanthropies, investors, donors and technical partners focused on mobilizing significant private investment to address some of Africa’s biggest health challenges. The HFC is hosted by Malaria No More, a non-profit organization.

The Global Fund is the largest multilateral investor in sustainable systems for health, which form the foundations for universal health coverage, and invests US$1 billion a year on health system strengthening. Together with partners, the Global Fund has saved 44 million lives over its 20-year history, and the number of people dying from AIDS, TB and malaria each year in countries where the Global Fund invests has been reduced by 44%.

In the context of this cooperation framework, HFC intends to create an impact investment fund in collaboration with AfricInvest, a leading impact investment firm, of at least US$100 million to finance the scaling of high impact investment opportunities in the area of global health in Africa, with a particular focus in supply chain transformation, innovative care delivery models, lab capacity, and digitally-enabled health solutions.

About the Health Finance Coalition:

The Health Finance Coalition (HFC) was launched by a group of leading philanthropies, investors, donors, technical partners convened by WHO Ambassador for Global Strategy and Health Financing Ray Chambers and hosted by Malaria No More. The HFC seeks to attract an unprecedented level of private-sector investment to impact millions of lives and accelerate progress to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all, a UN Sustainable Development Goal 3. The coalition uses public and philanthropic funding to encourage private-sector capital investment in transformative healthcare impact in Sub-Saharan Africa.

About the Global Fund:

The Global Fund is a worldwide movement to defeat HIV, TB and malaria and ensure a healthier, safer, more equitable future for all. We raise and invest US$4 billion a year to fight the deadliest infectious diseases, challenge the injustice which fuels them and strengthen health systems in more than 100 of the hardest hit countries. We unite world leaders, communities, civil society, health workers and the private sector to find solutions that have the most impact, and we take them to scale worldwide. Since 2002, the Global Fund has saved 44 million lives.


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